Review by Phil from Barnsley  It had been nearly a year since I've seen an escort, due to lockdown, but seeing Anise's photo's I knew I had to see her.  Called to see if she was still working and she said she was seeing a select few and glad to say she included me.  Got to her place and I could hardly hold myself back as my cock was just so hard.  Afraid I skipped foreplay and just had to get up her hot ass.  Couldn'tr believe how easily I slipped in and no lube used.  Didn't take long and shot the biggest load ever.  Couldn't believe the amount running out her ass.  I'll be seeing her again but I'll definitely take my time and enjoy all of her next time.


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Robe  Sep 2020

General Description:
I am in love with her personality and skills I truly wish I could take her home...

The Juicy Details:
The sex was ON FIRE. Great bottom, I used protection, but she offers bb too. The whole date was so hot I blew my load two times. Her mouth can do wonders and I just keep wanting more. She gave me extraordinary service and it was so unbelievable. She was so so good! Loads of cum, the bliss of pleasures. Will absolutely be back!!


Review by Pete from Parkgate  Saw Anise was only doing cum and go due to facial surgery. She really hit the nail on the head when she said it was her ass not her face that most guys were after. Called her and arranged to meet. Amazing ass, amazing fuck, amazing cum explosion. Perfect start to my evening out.


Review by Dave from Holywell  Took advantage of her quickie service and really recommend it. No messing, straight up, cum and go. Just like it says on the tin…


Review by Rick from Rhyl  Anise was a huge surprise, in a very positive sense. I booked the 10 minutes Cum and Go session with an above-average performer, kind of like: Wow, that was great! And to be honest, that doesn’t happen too often with escort girls. She does exactly what she says on her ad and I thoroughly recommend this service if you're in a rush. 


Review by Peter from Chester  Really laughed when I saw she said she had a silky smooth hole, but she does!!  It was like sliding on satin sheets, smooth, wet and warm.  Amazing feeling and made me cum hard.  Don't be fooled by her cock either.  It may be average length but it's damn thick.  Gave me the best fucking ever and came hard in my ass.


Review by Caramel from Peterborough  I met up with Anise today and I have to say it was a great experience. Friendly, welcoming and a great host. Most of all, up for it all. Took my girth willingly and expertly and left me completely satisfied. We did things that I have not done with anyone else before. Leave that to your imagination but I promise you, you won't regret your time with Anise. Genuinely a great fuck. I loved it and will travel again and repeat the great experience I had. Highly recommend.


Review by Ken from Newcastle When a few of the guys suggested we book Anise for a hardsports strip show I went along with it. To be honest I had no idea what hardsports was! She did her strip show until she was completely naked and what a great body she has. Her show was really sexy but I was absolutely shocked at what happened next. She bent over, spread her legs, and the next thing I saw was a huge turd falling out her ass. The guys were clapping and cheering and I just sat there, gobsmacked. Never seen or believed anyone would do this! No, I’m not complaining, I’m just amazed at what a turn on it was. Never thought I’d ever say seeing someone shit was hot but it was. Now I know what hardsports is.


Review by Mal from Northampton  Anise was originally booked to do a stag event at my pub and she was terrific.  Was telling a few regulars about it and they said they wished they’d seen it.  Contacted Anise to see if she would come back if I could get enough people to attend and she said yes.  Amazingly, we sold 43 tickets.  She is a star and they loved her.  The busiest Wednesday for years.


Review by Garry from Wirral   I came across an ad from Anise on a site called Lads List.  I’d never ever considered seeing a shemale escort but she had a good point when she said that, like a guy, she had a cock and an ass.  After some thought I gave her a call and she sounded really nice so I booked an hour, but with no great expectations.  Well I can say that she is up there with any of the gay escorts I’ve seen and actually gave me the best BJ ever.  Not sure I’ll do it again but never, say never.


Review by JO'D from Dublin  At first, I was adamant of booking her because I was afraid that she might be a poser and would just drain my pocket of money. But I was wrong.   By the time I opened my hotel room door to her... Olala!!!.. A hot, well defined body, presentable, smooth skinned, clean and sexy woman stood before me... She asked to take a shower and invited me to join her.  I gently kissed her on her lips, licked & played with her body and sucked her huge tits and thick dick until I asked her to fuck me with it. It was heaven and she fucked me hard with her thick dick until she unloaded her cum inside me.  My cock was so hard by now and I just had to get my cock up her delectable ass.  Wasn’t long before I shot the heaviest load ever.   She has the whole package, delicious tits, butt and cock, and a nice personality. One word: Amazing!


Review by JTProductions  Booked Anise after seeing her on a pro photo site and thought her ideal to do an Adult shoot for a client in Japan.  After talking to her for a while, on the phone, I asked her her limits and she said she had none.  Heard that before but I gave it a go and asked her if she’d do a scat shoot.  She agreed, which surprised me.  She even suggested how the shoot should go!  I was staying in a hotel in Liverpool so we decided to shoot there.  She arrived promptly and she knew exactly what was required, pose wise.  No messing, she stripped and we went to the bathroom where she straddled the bath, showing off her great ass.   Her hole began to open wide and soon she began to poop, but not too fast, so I got plenty of shots of it coming out, and was there a load!  She then sat in the bath and began to use the poop like soap, beginning with her massive boobs.  Soon they were covered in it and then she stood and began to rub it all over her body and face.  Next, she took a handful and covered her, now hard, cock with it, rubbing it up and down until she spunked.  Amazing shots from an amazing person.

(See my gallery for a couple of the shots).


Review by Nixy from Chester  Amazing person.  Actually does what it says on the tin, and loads of it!


Review by Lenny from Manchester   When I saw Anise's photo's I knew I had to see her.  Called her up and she sounded great so I arranged a meet with her for the following day.  Arrived at her house and she greeted me at the door.  As soon as I saw her I knew it was going to be an unforgettable time.  Buxom & busty is exactly how she is and what a hot bum too.  We started with a kissing session and then went to a body to body massage.  The feeling of her big titties and cock sliding up and down me nearly made me cum but she knew just when to pull back.  We then indulged in a hot 69 and what a thick cock she has.  Only just got it in my mouth!  That really did it and I had to get into her.  Not being rude but she has a really fabulous, gaping hole.  She took my not unsubstantial cock with ease and no lube required.  Afraid it didn't take long and I just shot my load into her.  Perfect finish when she allowed me to lap up all my cum which was running out of her bum.  I will definitely be arranging another meet with her again very soon.


Review by SlipSlide from York

Anise arrived at my hotel when she said she would. This was my first time with a shemale massage therapist and she made me feel very relaxed and normal. All my worries and nerves left me straight away.  Anise took control from the minute she came in to the room until the time she left. The experience is something I will never forget and I am already planning her next visit. I was fully relaxed and well stimulated during the body to body session when I could feel her huge tits and hard cock slide up and down me.  I had no control over my cock getting so hard and asked her if I could slide it into her and she said yes.  What more can I say, within 2 minutes I’d cum in her.  The shared shower, after, was the icing on the cake.  Review in one word, AWESOME.




Len (18.06.2020)
Seen Anise before and I was intrigued to see her social distance show. She was looking ultra sexy in her outfit and knee high boots. Had her take her top off first and massage her huge tits with oil. Then got her to take off her panties and play withn her hard cock. She oiled it all up and actually came. Had to see her hot ass and show her amazing asshole, which was bigger than ever. Wasn\'t expecting her to push out her rose though and it just made me shoot nmy load. Very much like shows I used to go to in Soho, years ago, except I could pull myself off. Well worth seeing her.
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